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By providing the necessary technologies, we support blockchain projects worldwide! At DataLab, you have the opportunity to invest in technologies needed for blockchain by purchasing computing power shares that automatically adjust.

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Blockchain is a technology for organizing a database in which data is arranged in a continuous chain of blocks that stores the history of every single change that has ever happened. All blocks are securely connected, therefore it is impossible to change previous data without destroying the integrity of the database.

What are the reasons for the blockchain ?

Blockchain has extremely high potential. It gives us unique advantages that were unthinkable before its introduction. The only difficulty is currently the young age of this technology. People need to get to grips with the new management system, developers are acquiring more knowledge in creating Blockchain-based protocols, governments are creating new legal frameworks to ensure the functionality of these systems. It’s about time.

Scope of the Blockchain

Our advantages at first glance

We support projects worldwide in the field of blockchain by providing the necessary technology!

DataLab allows you to invest in the technology needed for blockchain through shares of computing power with automatic performance adjustment.

Interesting facts about blockchain

Fact 01

Blockchain solutions will account for global spending of US$11.70 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach US$19 billion in 2024. of 19 billion US dollars in 2024.

Fact 02

As of July 2022, there were over 83 million users of blockchain worldwide. com - Wallets.

Fact 03

By using blockchain, financial institutions can save up to 12 billion US dollars every year.

Fact 04

With an average annual growth rate of 56.30%, the blockchain industry is expected to be worth Blockchain industry will be worth $163.83 billion by 2029.

Fact 05

It is predicted that blockchain technology in the Healthcare sector to reach $231,00 million globally by 2022 with a growth rate of 63% over the next six years.

Fact 06

There are over 170 million blockchain wallets worldwide (Blockchain. com + Coinbase users).

"Each of us has dreams, goals and desires for the future. We will show you the way."

Michael Leischnig – Founder of the DataLab Group

We plant trees and promote CO² reduction

We regularly donate numerous trees in our region and thus promote CO² reduction. We are convinced that even a small drop wears away the stone and that each and every one of us can contribute something. There are people who think they alone can do nothing. But that is not true. Every contribution counts, even if you only plant a single tree or decide to use ground cover in your front garden instead of beautiful white stones.

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